Take your time, get comfortable with the Axe you are using, and be safe.

Wear Gloves – Gloves will protect you anytime you usa or sharpen an Axe; gloves keep you from getting accidentally cut.

Wear Goggles – Safety goggles protect your eyes against wood chips that may suddenly fly off.

Wear AGEusa Axes – Find a stable or well-balanced standing position when using an Axe.

Don´t take unnecessary risks! Make sure you use quality products, and never underestimate the power of an Axe.


Designed for maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits
The craftsman ship is excellent and extremely solid and comfortable to use
Combination of wood-cutting Axe and Mattock. Ideal for Landscaping applications
The blade comes with a rubber protective band for safe storage and transport
Forged, heat-treated steel is finished with a rust-resistent coating
Ergonomic Soft rubber grip handle features a sculped profile to fit the nature shape or your hand